Medeski, Martin, and Wood - End Of The World Party (Just In Case)

MMW finally gives the world a chance to get down before it all goes down (the end, that is). The familiar funk shenanigans and oddball rhythms that make your mind and body spin are back in full high-tech force on this one!

"So I listened to the 1st song off of the MMW that you sent. WOW!!! What a new and different sound. I thought that you were telling me that Medeski went high-tech....but damn man I really really like the sound!!! Chris keeps layin' down the thick lines, and Illy-B, well, not much bad can be said about his spastic beats. He's just insanely bizzare, yet always on the right count (or he makes it the right count)." - HGMN Rep J. McEwan

1- Anonymous Skulls mp3
2- End Of The World Party mp3
3- Reflector mp3
4- Bloody Oil mp3
5- New Planet mp3
6- Mami Gato mp3
7- Shine It mp3
8- Curtis mp3
9- Ice mp3
10- Sasa mp3
11- Midnight Poppies/Crooked Birds mp3
12- Queen Bee mp3