Medeski Martin & Wood - Radiolarians 2 CD

A year ago, Medeski Martin & Wood set off on the innovative experiment known as The Radiolarians Series. The Radiolarians Series was designed to subvert the age-old music industry cycle of write>record>tour. The trio, consisting of keyboardist John Medeski, drummer Billy Martin, and bassist Chris Wood, convened for brief writing retreats, performed only that new material on tour, and then recorded the music immediately after getting off the road.

Indirecto Records is now releasing this material as a trio of records entitled Radiolarians I, II, and III.To date, the band has completed 3 tours with dates stretching across the United States, South America, and Japan. The influences of these locations have found their way into MMW's writing and are being expressed through the music found on the Radiolarians Series. In September, Indirecto released Radiolarians I. This April 2009, Indirecto will release the second installment of the series, Radiolarians II.The Radiolarians Series, designed to challenge the traditional format of touring after a record1s release, has found Medeski Martin & Wood thriving and making some of their most creative and innovative music in years.