Mike Gordon - Inside In CD

This joyously odd album features music that was composed for the film "Outside Out". maybe Mike says it best: "Music from the flick Outside Out was randomly reassembled slash revivified for your ears and reput slash reborn as Inside In".

"Inside In is what Wayne Newton is to seafood." - Col. Bruce Hampton

Players include Buddy Cage, Vassar Clements, Jeff Coffin, Jon Fishman, Bela Fleck, Future Man, Col. Bruce Hampton, Russ Lawton, Gordon Stone, Heloise Williams, James Harvey, and more!

1- Take Me Out
2- Bone Delay
3- Admoop
4- Outside Out
5- The Beltless Buckler
6- Soulfood Man
7- The Teacher
8- Gatekeeper
9- Couch Lady
10- Major Minor
11- The Lesson
12- Exit Wound
13- Steel Bones
14- Take Me Out II
15- Take Me Out Outro

Re-Released 11.03.2009