Mike Musick - Honest CD

Melodic Pop Rock. Lyrically this music is honest and poetic. If you like great songs you can sing in the car or in the shower with words that just might change your life, this album is for you. At times he reminds one of David Gray, or maybe Joe Jackson, quite possibly because of his laid back and understated approach. Most of the time his songs revolve around a memorable hook and simple beat, letting the pop grow and flower into full bloom without any unnecessary flourishes. This simplicity is key, and it makes this an album you'll want to hear over and over again. The title couldn't be more appropriate. Music is a universal language, and Musick is a universal messenger. There's no guessing games - he sings it to you straight from the heart on his title track, he opens your eyes with his world-important song "America," and tells stories we can all relate to like "Scream" and "Staring at the Sun." The album flows beautifully with soulful rhythms that crest with waves or realism, piquing your curiosity, and unleashing your inner consciousness.

1 Angels On The Radio mp3 sample
2 Scream mp3 sample
3 Fare Thee Well mp3 sample
4 America mp3 sample
5 Everybody's Hero mp3 sample
6 Honest mp3 sample
7 Real Big World mp3 sample
8 She's Alive mp3 sample
9 Staring at the Sun
10 Space Out

Released 2008

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