Mike Musick - This Town CD

Born in Columbus Ohio, Mike grew up in a musical household where his Mom played piano, guitar and sang in various choirs. "She taught me three chords for some song about chickens, and the rest is history." This Town is a great representation of the raw songwriting talent of Mike Musick and the refined production skills of Mitch Dane. They recorded the entire album in three weeks and mixed it in two with the expertise help of Vance Powell. "I couldn't be happier with this as my first solo project. Everybody did a great job on this album," says Musick. The songs range from themes of racial issues ("Sister Brown") to broken relationships ("It Was Good") and hope ("Morning After Dawn"). The acoustic driven pop/rock songs are balanced well with catchy melodies and choruses.

1 This Town mp3 sample
2 Got Your Back mp3 sample
3 Refuge of Lies mp3 sample
4 It Was Good mp3 sample
5 Funk #5 mp3 sample
6 Angel Rides This Storm mp3 sample
7 Morning After Dawn mp3 sample
8 I Will Be With You mp3 sample
9 Innocence
10 Sister Brown

Released 2001

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