Old School Freight Train - Six Years CD


Six Years, a new album by Charlottesville, Virginia s Old School FreightTrain combines virtuosic instrumentation, imaginative arrangements,thought-provoking lyrics, captivating melodies, and soulful lyrics whileblending fundamentals of rock, folk, jazz, soul, pop, and bluegrass.

"Shades of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper... even a kiss of Van Morrison.With Six Years, Old School Freight Train is off on a timeless new track,blending roots and rock to create a sound that's all their own."--Rolling Stone

Track Listing:
1. Heart of Glass
2. Let Me Go
3. Wake Up
4. Seems Like It's Over
5. I Won't Say Anything
6. Six Years
7. Get Down
8. Memphis
9. Dunedin
10. Like You