Perpetual Groove - Heal CD

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The album, which was recorded in Athens early last year, is the first to feature new keyboardist John Hruby. The physical edition of "Heal" features a limited edition cover, featuring the album artwork in lenticular form. This edition is limited to the first pressing and will not be made available on subsequent re-pressings of the album, so don't hesitate to place your order.

Heal was recorded at Chase Park Transduction studios in Athens, GA. The album was produced and engineered by David Barbe (Drive by Truckers, Cracker) who also produced Brock Butler's latest solo effort, "Lately Here Though." The album features mostly newer material, including the instrumental track "Honey Cut" and the Hruby-led "40 Roses," the first Perpetual Groove album track to feature someone other then lead singer Brock Butler on lead vocals. Each successive studio album is always a journey for the musicians and the end product usually reflects this, "Heal" is no different. You won't find any swelling synthesizers or loops on the compositions contained within, in their place, a focus on songwriting, themes, and an overall "timeless" quality to the sonic landscape of Perpetual Groove.

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1. No Decorations listen
2. Downside listen
3. A Day the Way listen
4. Under Lock and Key listen
5. Honey Cut listen
6. 40 Roses listen
7. Up Again listen
8. Too Close to the Sun listen
9. Lost Connection listen

Release date 01.10.2010