Perpetual Groove - LIVELOVEDIE CD

Perpetual Groove has become a rock band. That's the impression fans got when they heard one of the rocking tracks from Perpetual Groove's new album, LIVELOVEDIE, at the band's New Year's show. A celebrated national touring act for over four years, Perpetual Groove has built their reputation on intense, emotional jams and beguiling lyricism. The years of touring and performing their stratospherically aggressive songs have given birth to a new, bigger sound that fans refer to as "Trance Arena Rock."

1- Save For One
2- Two Shores
3- To Shed Light or Cast Shadows
4- Mayday
5- It Starts Where It Ends
6- Crapshoot
7- Dust
8- So Much As Goodbye
9- Legends Of Preston
10- Speed Queen
11- Only Always

Released March 6, 2007