Rebekah Todd & The Odyssey - Roots Bury Deep CD


With their first LP, Roots Bury Deep, Rebekah Todd & The Odyssey add a layer of storytellingto the musical foundation that has been laid before her. This 9-track album is a soulful folk gem with shades of jazz and funk that paints across the canvas of genres. The album delivers a more textured auditory landscape and further elevates Todd’s signature solo sound. Roots Bury Deep represents a unique musical intersection between traditional Carolinian folk and gritty New Orleans jazz. The final product takes listeners on a journey from the deep, dark corners of loss and despair to the wide-open, bright spaces of love and hope.

Track List:
1. Devil's Gonna Buy listen
2. Closer to Dead listen
3. On the Run listen
4. Thinking About You listen
5. Tornado listen
6. Your Smiling Face listen
7. Old Days listen
8. Roots Bury Deep listen
9. Wishing Well listen

Release date 02.18.2014 listen