SeepeopleS - Apocalypse Cow Vol. 1 CD

Asheville, NC-based emerging artist SeepeopleS present Apocalypse Cow Vol. I. The 15 original songs on the album range from rock anthems to introspective ballads, all of which showcase SeepeopleS' confident, agile songwriting, soaring vocals, and bold, majestic instrumentation. Produced by long-time SeepeopleS 'fifth member' Will Holland (The Pixies, Dead Can Dance), Apocalypse Cow Vol. I opens with unsettling minimalism on the guitar-driven "Don't Panic," and proceeds to take the listener on a thought-provoking and sonically-engrossing journey through time and context, culminating with the grandiose and heartbreaking "Say Goodbye," a melancholy swan song bathed in a cascading arrangement of cello and violin.

Apocalypse Cow Vol. I is the story of bandleader Will Bradford's personal journey - that of a man coming of age in a world that often seems built on nonsense. Bradford touches upon war, love, spirituality and personal tragedy, often shifting the listener's perspective throughout. Bradford sings from the viewpoint of a soldier, a dying man, a Cassandra and, perhaps for the first time, finds his own unadulterated, pure voice. Met with much anticipation from fans and media, Apocalypse Cow Vol. I is sure to delight devotees and newcomers alike with its straightforward rock attitude, stylistic quirks and unique presentation.

Don't Panic mp3
Apocalypse Cow mp3
Last Sane Man mp3
Don't Be So Long mp3
The Sun Is With You mp3
My Friends mp3
Stranded on the Sidewalk mp3
Once A Dream mp3
Interlude 1
Holding mp3
Battle Cry mp3
Interlude 2
Already Laughing
Angels In Line
Someday Robots
Last Breath
Say Goodbye mp3

Released April 10, 2007