Seepeoples - The Corn Syrup Conspiracy CD

One of the best albums we've gotten in 2004! Seepeoples provide the cathartic tension and release of improv stunts, but with a firmly grounded songwriting style and lyrical impetus. Hard-hitting political lyrics skitter over dreamy, moody, echo-laden songs that are all about substance and style. Leaping from style to style within their own musical framework, Seepeoples astounds with masterful production and serious sounds. Truly a must-hear!

Features Tim Reynolds, Dana Colley, and more guests! Read a review Here!

1- Dog Days mp3
2- The Way The World Will Fall mp3
3- ?!... mp3
4- Dinosaur mp3
5- Butchers mp3
6- Send Me A Line mp3
7- Everything Goes Away mp3
8- Dog Days 2 mp3
9- Sleeping Soul mp3
10- Man Will Win mp3
11- Reprise (Rocker) mp3
12- Sufferers mp3
13- Root of Loot mp3
14- Dead Soul Freak mp3
15- Nothing Left To Pawn mp3
16- No One Sees mp3