Snarky Puppy - Sylva Remixed & Remastered (2CD)


5-time GRAMMY-winners Snarky Puppy are set to re-release their popular album Sylva. The re-release will include the 6 original tracks along with 2 alternate takes of "The Curtain" and "The Clearing." Originally released by Impulse! with over 14 million streams, this re-release comes upon the reclamation by GroundUP Music of the original masters and is a celebration of independent music. Since reclaiming the masters in October 2024, the original album has seen over 550,000 streams. This will be Snarky Puppy's first release since 2022's GRAMMY-winning album Empire Central. Outside of the US market, Snarky Puppy sees high streaming numbers and sales in the United Kingdom followed by Canada, France, and Germany.




The Curtain


The Clearing

The Curtain (Bonus Version)

The Clearing (Bonus Version)


Release date 05.24.24