Spearhead - Chocolate Supa Highway CD

Hip-hop, reggae, soul, R&B, and more meet on this 1997 release from the culture-conscious Spearhead! Fronted by the enigmatic Michael Franti, they drop knowledge with an urgency and spirituality that truly stirs the soul.

1- Africa On Line
2- Chocolate Supa Highway
3- Keep Me Lifted
4- Food For Tha Masses
5- U Can't Sing R Song
6- Tha Payroll (Stay Strong)
7- Madness In Tha Hood (Free Ride)
8- Rebel Music (3 OClock Roadblock)
9- Why Oh Why
10- Comin' To Gitcha
11- Life Sentence
12- Ganja Babe
13- Wayfarin' Stranger
14- Gas Gauge
15- Water Pistol Man