Sufjan Stevens - A Sun Came CD

A Sun Came is an alternately mellow and freaky affair. There's plenty of Sufjan's fragile, whispering folk numbers, but theres also a load of experiementation, such as noisy instrumental manipulation, sublimely propulsive post-rock rhythms, and vocal overload. If you know Sufjan's music, you'd expect nothing less than this wide-ranging collection of songs that bear his indelible mark. There's everything from banjo to sitar to xylophone on A Sun Came, which shows the fearlessness and uniqueness of Sufjan's musical impetus.

1. We Are What You Say mp3
2. A Winner Needs A Wand mp3
3. Rake mp3
4. Siamese Twins mp3
5. Demetrius mp3
6. Dumb I Sound mp3
7. Wordsworth's Ridge mp3
8. Belly Button mp3
9. Rice Pudding mp3
10. A Loverless Bed (W/Out Remission) mp3
11. Godzuki
12. Super Sexy Woman
13. The Oracle Said Wander
14. Happy Birthday
15. Jason
16. Kill
17. Ya Leil
18. A Sun Came
19. Satan's Saxophones
20. Joy! Joy! Joy!
21. You Are The Rake

Originally released 1999, Re-Released 2004