Talkdemonic - Eyes at Half Mast CD

Eyes at Half Mast is Talkdemonic's high-water mark. Here the Portland, Oregon duo has created an album that teems with moments of spirited beauty and haunting elegies. There are passages filed with raw dissonance and a sense of loss and memory runs through many of the songs, but the tone of the record is ultimately one of hope - a satisfyingly dark vitality that embraces melodic confidence. Talkdemonic continues to expand the range of emotion that can be evoked without words, and Eyes at Half Mast is the most convincing testament to date as to just what the instrumental duo is capable of.

1. Leaving Light 2:11 mp3 sample
2. Ending The Orange Glow 2:30 mp3 sample
3. Duality Of Deathening 2:52 mp3 sample
4. Shattered Into Dyes 1:34 mp3 sample
5. Tides In Their Grave 3:24 mp3 sample
6. Civilian 2:39 mp3 sample
7. Black Wood Crimson 2:22 mp3 sample
8. March Movement 2:09 mp3 sample
9. Dim Sky 2:10
10. Shallow Doldrums 2:49
11. Dust And Heat 2:06
12. Huancayo Orchestrelle 3:27
13. Dream By Heart 2:53
14. A Hundred Faces In The Neon Forest 3:39

Released 9/16/08

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