The Floorboards - Borrowed Moon CD


The five years since the Floorboards first album has gone by in a flash of Ford Econoline and rock and roll.  The latest studio album "Borrowed Moon" was given its first kick at life in 2013 with the band's original lineup.  Something didn't feel right, so they took to the road to figure it out.

In the years between albums, the band experienced personnel changes, various sets of broken bones, and watched songs penned with only an acoustic guitar grow into their own proud rock and roll arrangements.  Somewhere between New York City and Birmingham, Alabama, the band agreed a total change of scenery was needed for the recording process.  They gave up the relative ease and comfort of a hometown studio in Virginia for the warmth of 2" analog tape in North Carolina.  Mitch Easter (R.E.M, Wilco, Pavement) and his Fidelitorium Recordings studio in Kernersville, NC was the perfect fit.

The album took root over a two day period in September 2016.  Additional layers of heart, soul, and grit were recorded and engineered by Jake Dempsey in various unique spaces located throughout Southwest Virginia and North Carolina.  

  1. Maybe Next Time 03:56 listen
  2. Skyblanket 04:22 listen
  3.  Restless, Reckless, and Ready 03:58 listen
  4. River Song 03:43 listen
  5. Ain't It All 04:42 listen
  6. Come Find Me 04:03 listen
  7. Lee Highway 04:26 listen 
  8. Broken Chain 03:09 listen 
  9. Borrowed Moon 04:21 listen 
  10. The Truth Is 03:49 listen 
  11. Highlands 03:41 listen

    Released 11/24/17

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