The Mantras - Be the Light CD


Humility can take a long time to reach. In 14 years of being a band, the peaks and valleys experienced can bring an individual or a group through a multi-verse of emotions. From timid to arrogant, from pain to shrouding one's heart in armor, to complacency and apathy, then hopefully to friendship and humility. Its a bumpy and often uncomfortable road that can bring about conflict and tension but also fantastic resolution. Our music is a direct representation of our lives. Our fans who have been with us 14 years, 4 years, 4 months, or 4 weeks know that we wear our emotions on our naked forearms during the live show. Its not always pretty, but its always real.

For this record we wanted to create an album with some direction. Not about the improvisational movements we create in the live show, but about the songs. We set out to capture a musical snapshot of where we are as a band, as individuals, and as brothers in this beautiful mess of a world. Recorded at our own home studio, this record marks the beginning of a new era for us. One built on more than the trivial quest of "making it" as a musician. One built on understanding ourselves and our relationships. One where we are a part of the light, not the darkness.

  1. Billy Folds 04:49 listen
  2. Be The Light 05:07 listen
  3. Hobo Ken 05:56 listen
  4. Lazy River 08:25 listen
  5. Marlene 04:28 listen
  6. Is That What You Want 05:38 listen
  7. Pain Drain 04:40 listen
  8. Okoboji 03:33 listen
  9. Meant To Be 08:11 listen
  10. Until Next Time 03:11 listen

Release date 11.30.18