The Mantras - Knot Suite CD


In their relentless pursuit of progressive, improvisation-infused rock, The Mantras once again prove expertise in their seamless blend of genre-busting synchronicity. The spectrums conquered on "Knot Suite" run the gamut from arena rock to blues, ambient instrumental electronica to funk-dance and metal. The Mantras have sustained momentum with fans for over a decade with their irresistible live performances across the nation, and their latest album "Knot Suite" offers listeners a cohesive, sonic snapshot of their unique signature sound.

Track List:

  1. Here We Go 06:04 listen
  2. Knot Suite 05:01 listen
  3. All You Here 05:23 listen
  4. Silas Brown 05:33 listen
  5. DirtNap 05:30 listen
  6. Strongbox 07:06 listen
  7. Destroyer 06:54 listen

Released September 2016