The Ragbirds - Yes, Nearby CD

The Ragbirds began with songwriter and vocalist Erin Zindle and percussionist Randall Moore as they searched to create fresh original songs sprouting out of their love for world music and their desire to weave these distant sounds into more familiar genres. With the addition of guitarist/vocalist Matthew Melody, percussionist Tim Dziekan, and their new bassist Dan Hildebrandt who share the vision of creating honest, creative music combining these global and local elements, The Ragbirds fully realized their sound. In April 2005, The Ragbirds released their debut CD, Yes Nearby, an independent, full-length album consisting of 12 well-crafted songs. The CD continues to garner critical acclaim & was nominated for a Detroit Music Award. Their unique fusion of roots folk, world groove, and pop sensibility gets audiences of all ages and sizes up and dancing.

"Yes Nearby is a rare debut for the poetic intensity of its focus, the high quality of its musicianship and the quiet, yet astonishing precision of its songwriting. It marks a musical terrain where spirit and flesh, the sacred and profane, the moral and the ambiguous come together in an intoxicating, instructive dance of truth and beauty in everyday life. This is evidence of the very best of what contemporary, independent pop music has to offer." -Thom Jurek, All Music 4 Star Review

1- Low Flying mp3
2- Love's Great Joke mp3
3- Narcissick mp3
4- Picture mp3
5- Tipi Baya mp3
6- Door in the Wall mp3
7- Totem Pole mp3
8- Adoration mp3
9- Enemy
10- Believe It
11- Holy Kiss
12- Wake The Birds

Released 2005