The Trongone Band - Keys to the House CD


Rapidly gaining steam with a sound that fits perfectly between southern Rock 'n' Soul and Americana Jam, The Trongone Band is turning heads and making an impression on the music scene. Formed as a family by brothers Andrew and Johnny, The Trongone Band enlisted much sought-after keyboardist Ben "Wolfe" White and award-winning bassist Todd Herrington to solidify their touring lineup. Herrington adds a crucial dimension of deep pocket groove and funk to the already seasoned unit.  Our CD reviewer Brian Swenk says "The band is ahead of the game and you'd be smart to jump onboard now as they set their sights for a national level. Without a single weak spot in their sound, they have a great chance of making it."

Their debut album "Keys to the House", produced by Herrington, showcases the individual contributions of each of the members in order to create the base for what is to come. "It was one thing to develop and write the songs over the past year as we played them out on the road, but it was a completely different world to take them into the studio, put them under the microscope and really turn them into songs" says Johnny Trongone. The band holed up for three days in Montrose Recording using their Flickenger console to provide the warm sounds that turned into Keys in the House. The studio had a old school recording vibe to it, with lots of pillows and blankets around the drums, no bottom heads on the toms, guitar solos through bass amps, and Todd even borrowed Johnny and Andrews dad's bass for the session. This family affair recording process helped the band grow "so much on a personal and musical level, and listening back and dissecting these tracks helped us learn so much about each other's playing."

As a collaborative effort, the band is set to push forward and tour from coast to coast and continue their growth as a band. This four-piece ensemble may not all be related, but with a chemistry so emphatically discernible, it's fair to call them brothers.


  1. Blind listen
  2. Anne Marie listen
  3. Straight to Hell listen
  4. Not Coming Home listen
  5. Nothing to Lose listen
  6. Canyon Road listen
  7. Another Lost Rambler listen
  8. Love Away listen
  9. Ain't It Funny listen

Release date 06.30.2017