Trey Anastasio & Tom Marshall - Trampled By Lambs & Pecked By The Dove CD

Released 2000.

Trampled by Lambs and Pecked by the Dove consists of 25 raw tracks recorded by Trey Anastasio and Tom Marshall in 1997 during four weekend songwriting sessions. There is an unmistakable immediacy and excitement to these tracks, as the songs were recorded to an eight-track digital tape machine as they were being created. Their efforts over a total of 9 days yielded 10 songs featured on the 2 most recent Phish albums, The Story of the Ghost and Farmhouse, as well as additional songs that have been performed live by Phish (but not recorded in the studio).

Brian and Robert mp3
Limb by Limb mp3
Blue & Shiny mp3
Twist mp3
Wading in the Velvet Sea mp3
Farmhouse mp3
Saw It Again mp3
Piper mp3
Flat Tornadoes mp3
I Don't Care mp3
Windora Bug mp3
No Regrets mp3
Water in the Sky mp3
Heavy Things mp3
Never mp3
Vultures mp3
Ghost mp3
Dirt mp3
Olivia's Pool
Dogs Stole Things