Trey Anastasio - Shine (Dual Disc)

DualDisc version. 2-sided disc includes regular audio plus all songs in enhanced stereo, video of 4 performances from Red Rocks (Air Said To Me, Shine, Come As Melody, Dark And Down), behind-the-scenes clips from tour bus, soundcheck, and concert, and an interview with Trey.

Produced by Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Springsteen), Trey's latest is a simple, emotional affair full of organic melodies and wistful lyrics. O'Brien plays bass, keyboards, and helps out on backing vocals. Drummer Kenny Aronoff (Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop) also lends his talents to the album. It's all Trey, all the time, as every song features his lyrics and distinctive guitar tone.

1- Shine mp3
2- Tuesday mp3
3- Invisible mp3
4- Come As Melody mp3
5- Air Said To Me mp3
6- Wherever You Find It mp3
7- Sweet Dreams Melinda mp3
8- Love Is Freedom mp3
9- Sleep Again mp3
10- Spin mp3
11- Black mp3
12- Love That Breaks All Lines mp3

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