Trey Anastasio - Bar 17 CD


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Bar 17
marks Trey's second solo album in just under a year as he continues his evolution as guitarist, songwriter and improvisationalist to create a kaleidoscopic yet cohesive listening experience, one of his most remarkable albums to date. It was recorded on and off between 2004 - 2006 in a variety of locations including Trey's famed Barn recording studio in Vermont and co-producer Bryce Googin's Trout Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Joining Trey in the studio were musicians from all eras of his career including members of Phish and Trey's solo bands, string players from his "Seis De Mayo" project, longtime collaborator John Medeski, and new friends Benevento/Russo Duo, plus singer Carmen Keegan (I Nine) and Joan Wasser.

*Reduced from $16.00*

A musical chameleon at heart, Trey continues to immerse himself comfortably in a variety of sonic environments. Beginning with the familiar sound of Mike Gordon's basswork on the dynamic opening track "Host Across the Potomac," Trey touches on Stones Exile-era riffing ("Dragonfly" and "Mud City") and thrilling guitar solos on the title track and "What's Done," as well as the structured-improv crowd favorite "Goodbye Head" and the expanded instrumentation of "Cincinnatti".

Track Listing:
1. Host Across The Potomac mp3
2. If You’re Walking
3. Dragonfly mp3
4. Bar 17
5. Mud City mp3
6. Let Me Lie
7. What’s Done mp3
8. Goodbye Head
9. A Case Of Ice And Snow mp3
10. Empty House
11. Gloomy Sky
12. Shadow
13. Cincinnati

Released October 3, 2006