Umphrey's McGee - Live at The Murat Egyptian Room (2 CDs)

As most of their fans know, the live Umphrey's McGee experience is the core of what they're all about. For years, UM has consistently put on a fresh and real live show while constantly pushing each other individually as musicians. They realized in late 2006 that they had yet to release a live album that captured the band achieving the best of what they thought they could be. A two night stand in a sonically appealing room became a vision that Umphrey's sought out for early 2007 with this interest in mind: recording and releasing a live show that encompassed improvisation, lots of rocking and some inspiration from the excited fans who cheered them on over those two nights. The chose the Egyptian Room at Murat Center over Easter weekend of 2007, and the nights definitely became two to remember.

1. In the Kitchen (Acoustic Structure) 4:08 mp3
2. Acoustic Improvisation 5:03 mp3
3. Electric Improvisation 8:02 mp3
4. In the Kitchen (Electric Structure) 2:17 mp3
5. Higgins 9:17 mp3
6. The Fuzz 8:56 mp3
7. Nothing Too Fancy (End) 5:59 mp3
8. Ringo 4:42 mp3
9. Hajimemashite 5:10
10. Ringo 5:09
11. Eat4:31

Disc 2

1. 40's Theme 8:59
2. The Triple Wide 11:51
3. Angular Momentum 2:55
4. Push the Pig 10:58
5. Out of Order 8:58
6. White Man's Moccassins 12:06
7. Padgett's Profile 12:48

Released 10/16/07