Vinyl - Fogshack Music Vol. 1 CD


Vinyl's fifth album, Fogshack Music Vol. 1, was produced by In the Pocket Records and Tony Mindel. This album takes a creative exploration into previously unreleased Vinyl tracks by virtue of the magical, re-mixed mutations of the Rondo Brothers. The result is an even heavier version of Vinyl's thunderous, brassy funk, replete with dubbed-out bass and surprising electronic sounds.

P-Funk founder and longtime friend Bernie Worrell contributes his keyboard mastery to the entire album, along with his expressive vocals on many tracks. Album artwork is once again brilliantly composed by Neil Osborn, making owning an original the only way to go. Get ready to take a ride with Vinyl into some new territory. As always, put on the dancing shoes!

1- Give And Go mp3
2- Flea Market mp3
3- Moonshine Heather mp3
4- Whatever You Want To mp3
5- Swellyons For Rufus mp3
6- Imperial Majesty mp3
7- Clickety Clack mp3
8- Okaybye mp3

Released September 2006