Jam Cam Chronicles - Wakarusa 2005 DVD


JamCam raises the bar yet again with its 2nd release of its sophomore season by offering nearly 3 hours of musical mayhem from Wakarusa 2005. Highlights include The String Cheese Incident's "One Step Closer" (complete with a visually stunning glowstick war) from its new album of the same name, a smoking hot "Warmup>Freedom" courtesy of Tea Leaf Green, and rousing performances from Jazz Mandolin Project, Perpetual Groove, Little Feat, Moonshine Still, Split Lip Rayfield and Blueground Undergrass. Double doses of both Railroad Earth and New Monsoon, who receive the honorary JamCam "Spotlight Band" two full-length performances and interview treatment, allow the JamCam crew to echo Wakarusa's "Ass Deep in Music" theme for all it's worth.

As if that's not enough, festival host Brett Mosiman from Pipeline Productions along with several Wakarusa festival attendees take us on a "Letter by Letter" tour of the Wakarusa Festival and camping grounds, while Behind the "Scene " looks at the SCI Fidelity Street Team and An Honest Tune Magazine provide up close insight into two staples of the jamband community.

More than two hours in, the Cheese is back, as JamCam presents the "Getting Negative with The String Cheese Incident" interview, where questions like "what's the worst thing about traveling?" and "what is the one album you would NOT take to a desert island?" provide equally intriguing and hilarious results. Segueing directly into an encore-worthy "Outside & Inside" instrumental jam to finish off an absolute monster Chronicles, the "getting negative" theme is revisited during the credit roll, where a series of SCI interview outtakes provide one more reason to smile.

Track List:
The String Cheese Incident - One Step Closer>It Is What It Is
Split Lip Rayfield - Truth & Lies/100 Dollar Bill
Wakarusa "Letter by Letter" Overview
Moonshine Still - Barely Alive
Perpetual Groove - TSMM
SCI Fidelity Street Team Behind the "Scene"
New Monsoon - Southern Dew>Interview>On the Sun
Little Feat - Day or Night
Blueground Undergrass - Forget the Past
Jazz Mandolin Project - Hamhock
Railroad Earth "In the Spotlight" - Mighty River>Interview>Long Way to Go
An Honest Tune Magazine Behind the "Scene"
Split Lip Rayfield - Never Make it Home>Redneck Tailgate Dream
Tea Leaf Green - Warmup>Freedom
The String Cheese Incident - "Getting Negative with SCI" Interview>Outside & Inside Jam
Credits (w/SCI interview outtakes)

Released 3/7/06