Umphrey's McGee - Wrapped Around Chicago (2 DVDs)

The band's second DVD release! Wrapped Around Chicago: New Year's at the Riv was filmed in their hometown on December 31, 2004 at the Riviera Theatre. The two-disc set offers three hours of performance and over an hour of bonus material. Expect jaw-dropping performances and a front row view of the band's unique musical rapport during live shows, plus irreverent humor, madness, and serious nonsense...after all, this is Umphrey's McGee. Wildly colorful and full of surprises (and one unforgettable "subliminal message"), this is not your average concert DVD!

Special features include:
Nemo and Padget's Profile live from 12.30.04
Umphrey's McGee rehearsing with Huey Lewis backstage at the Jammys
New episodes of UM Clay and bonus DV remixes
All NEW Atmosmenu music by Andy Farag
Exclusive Kris Myers drum lesson.
Over an hour of crazy Umphrey's bonus material. The more you dig, the more hidden bonuses you'll find!

Disc 1:

1. Divisions
2. Great American
3. Sociable Jimmy
4. Prowler
5. Jimmy Stewart
6. Anchor Drops
7. 2nd Self
8. The Crooked One
9. (Rock) Nopener
10. Robot World
11. Partyin' Peeps

Disc Two:

1. Ophelia
2. Mail Package
3. (Lounge) Nopener
4. Miss Tinkle's Overture
5. Mulche's Odyssey
6. Sledgehammer
7. Women Wine and Song
8. Slacker
9. Bright Lights
10. Auld Lang Syne
11. Plunger
12. Push the Pig
13. Ringo
14. In the Kitchen