Lotus - How to Dream in Color (2LP)


Lotus were early innovators in fusing electronic dance music with a jam band model of improvisation and ever-changing setlists. The four-piece group also draws on psychedelic rock, krautrock, post-rock, disco, and funk. Their dance-inducing, high-energy shows have made them festival favorites, as they move between high-flying guitar solos and modular synth workouts, with tightly composed songs and free-ranging group improvisation. 

2024's How to Dream in Color is Lotus's 11th full-length studio album. While largely an instrumental group, vocals appear on several songs across the record's 12 tracks - both as traditional singing and as manipulated electronic elements; each composition builds its world and atmosphere. "How Do I Come Down" is a rocking banger lead-off song with hints of Radiohead and features vocals from Gabe Otto. Watching the Distant Storm layers synths and cut-up vocals to form a groovy, chill, wholly unique experience. "In the Shadow of the Mountain" is a driving Krautrock instrumental that builds to a glorious climax over 8:30 minutes.

Track listing

1 How Do I Come Down
2 Splinter
3 Watching the Distant Storm
4 On My Block
5 Reed
6 Can You Hear the Sound
7 Electric Orange
8 Bamboo Forest
9 Glass
10 In the Shadow of the Mountain
11 Goodnight Supermoon
12 Wavvvves

Release date 08.16.24