Orebolo - The Chateau (2LP) black & cream


Orebolo (or-RAY-beh-low) is an acoustic trio featuring Rick Mitarotonda (vocals, guitar), Peter Anspach (vocals, guitar), and Jeff Arevalo (upright bass). The band, comprised of members of the emergent indie rock group Goose, has built a faithful following nationwide, performing an eclectic mix of originals and covers. With their debut studio album, The Chateau, the trio finds comfort in exploring Goose's deep catalog acoustically - a feeling they hope to translate to those listening at home.

1. Rosewood Heart

2. Rockdale 06:15

3. Turned Clouds

4. Amongster

5. Tumble

6. Drone On Bb

7. Last Train Home

8. Dripfield

9. Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis

Release date 06.7.2024