The New Mastersounds - Nashville Session 2 LP


The not-very-long-awaited follow-up to our 2016 Nashville Session album, this one was recorded in the same analog studio - Welcome To 1979 - on a hot Monday evening in June 2018 and features various pianos (and a vintage synth) instead of organ.  The live set was performed in front of an invited studio audience and captured straight to 1/4" stereo tape. No overdubs, no edits, just four silly Brits and their instruments.  The tracks are mostly pre-existing NMS tunes that have evolved on stage over the life of the band. Two of them originate as recently as the Renewable Energy album, but are included in this set because we have enjoyed developing the arrangements on tour over the past 12 months.

01. Dusty Groove
02. All I Want (Right Now)
03. Thermal Bad
04. Afro Metropolis
05. Yokacoka
06. Miracles
07. Pudding & Pie
08. 3 on the B