Big Daddy Love - Let It Grow

A rollicking good-time sophomore release, from the first note to the last, BDL strikes gold.

Big Daddy Love return with their newest release "Let It Grow".  The new album also features the debut of Brian "Chasper" Horton on drums.  BDL's sound can best be described as an amalgam of alt-country, bluegrass, funk and southern rock or what they casually refer to as "Appalachian Rock". Whatever you choose to call it, it's an album that features high-energy music enriched with genuine songwriting and alluring melodies, but with more exposition and development, and in keeping with the ambitions that it will open them up to a broader audience. 

With emphasis on electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, bass, drums and heartfelt vocals, the band has an adventurous ability to expand on the lyricism of Daniel Justin Smith with gorgeous playing that's all very authentic, gratifying and just plain ol' fun to listen to. I was impressed with the humanity that shines through it; the album exudes intimacy, revealing the empathetic, flexible bond between BDL and their audience. All the classic elements that make BDL music so memorable are on this CD. But it's not music from a band resting on the ingredients that have made them who they are. "Let it Grow" is a collection of thirteen songs put together with polish and precision, without any sort of gimmicks or tricks, it's just honest feel-good music. Stand out tracks include "Let it Grow", "Down from the Mountain", "Sweet Water", "Home Tree", "Circle Around the Sun", "Dream Walker" and "Only a Moment".

- Simon Eddie