Product Reviews

Les Racquet - Be Water My Friend CD
Brooklyn-based Les Racquet’s newly released EP is an exciting introduction to this power trio, a group that exists in a realm somewhere outside the limits of most power trios that likely come to mind.
Boston Horns - Funkafized Plus CD
Funkafized Plus is one of those albums that a funk/soul-happy listener cannot ignore.
ALO - Sounds Like This CD
ALO's latest release offers many rewards for the adventurous listener and it is by far their most ambitious album in years.
Chasing Edison CDs
Over the span of three years, Chasing Edison has released two EPs and one LP that show the evolution of a band with the chops to make a name for itself.
Dangermuffin - Olly Oxen Free CD
Dangermuffin's new song-driven album, their first since 2010's Moonscapes, is the band's most established, conceptually unified work to date.
Presenting 16 outstanding bands and over 78 minutes of awe-inspiring music.
Full of energy and irie vibrations, this is one of those Saturday morning albums that can start your day in the clouds and keep you high stepping all day long.
Everyone Orchestra - Brooklyn Sessions CD
Recorded January 17 and 18, 2011 at Brooklyn Recording, Everyone Orchestra’s Brooklyn Sessions is a striking snapshot of a normally live unit’s freewheeling, as captured in a controlled studio environment.
Vermont’s Jatoba is an acoustic-minded, pick-happy bluegrass trio, and Death, Fire and Picnic Tables is a fine sampling of their skill sets.
Graham Whorley’s Permission to Think is an introspective journey full of wisdom-laden stories and carefully-wrought music.
Original as they are, Ten Toes Up sounds like so many great and dissimilar bands, how can one help but to love them?
Early into 2012, strong storytelling and accomplished musicianship help to propel Yarn’s Almost Home into the category of the year’s must-hear albums.