Product Reviews

Lotus’ self titled album comes out firing, and the attack never lets up.
Songs of Water presents exotic chamber music from a bygone era in the 14 tracks of “The Sea Has Spoken.”
COPE’s second helping, the lovely “See,” offers blistering guitar, genuine charisma, and a daring sensibility in exploring varied styles and genres.
Through its fourth studio album, Passafire continues to define its sound.
A rollicking good-time sophomore release, from the first note to the last, BDL strikes gold.
England's The New Mastersounds continue to be innovative in creating their powerful grooves, distinctive and rooted in the tradition of old-school funk and vintage psycehdelic rock.
A shift in style but more than enjoyable and still a significant force in whichever genre you choose to classify them in.
"Always Anyway" packs more than a punch. There's enough edge throughout and plenty of pop driven hooks here to remain stuck in your brain for many days to come.
No psychedelic experience is complete without this watershed masterpiece.
Former Champions employs a wide variety of styles and substance, offering 13 genre-bending tracks in this self-titled release.
Jake Clayton offers dazzling, virtuosic musicianship in the 12 tracks of “Barnyard Stomp.”
UV Hippo dishes up a varied plate of guitar bravado and reflective sophistication in the ten tracks of “Square Pegs, Round Holes.”