Product Reviews

Big Something offers robust horns, layered jams and a new identity for this compelling studio release.
Keller Williams has made a nice career out of his many one-word-titled albums and constant touring regimen.
Moksha provides a soundtrack for a lavish journey through blues, funk, and electro soul.
Ifdakar presents a compelling mix of electronica, funk, and rock with the tracks of “On the Edge.”
The String Cheese Incident seems to love Halloween more than the next group of guys, playing dedicated shows during touring years.
Hailing from Australia, the John Butler Trio comes with a universally-appealing, message-heavy album, titled April Uprising.
U-Melt’s latest release plays like an application for the various festivals that are about to spring across our fair nation.
The Hue infuses the tracks of “Beyond Words” with dazzling guitar pyrotechnics, intricate arrangements and a variety of musical styles.
Prince showcases soulful lyrics, energetic grooves, and intelligent songwriting in the ambitious tracks of "Dizzymaker."
The Mantras' most recent studio release displays 9 tracks of robust, muscular guitar.
Shaggy Wonda offers an energetic romp through the realms of rock and funk with this spirited release.
SOJA’s latest album is an album worthy of hearing, amidst a stream of not-so-conscious Reggae that seems to be today’s norm.