Alex Machacek, Neal Foutain, Jeff Sipe - Official Triangle Sessions CD

2008 Release. This was a special weekend of music. Alex Machacek, Jeff Sipe and Neal Fountain performed three nights of music during the last weekend of June in North Carolina. It was the very first time that Alex and Neal met. Neal Fountain hails from the musical hotbed of Athens, GA, and has been playing professionally from the age of 14. Best known as a sideman to Col. Bruce Hampton and the Fiji Mariners (a post-A.R.U. project of Hamptons) and drumming phenom Jeff Sipe. Neals name is on the short list of greater Atlanta's finest musicians.

Total Running Time : Over 71 minutes

Track 1 Pinchproof mp3
Track 2 Strafe mp3
Track 3 Very Sad mp3
Track 4 Gem1 mp3
Track 5 Yoga for Cats1/Neil's Fountain mp3
Track 6 Along came a Spider mp3
Track 7 Put me back to Sleep mp3