Jeff Sipe - Timeless CD

Jeff Sipe is one of the most accomplished and versatile drummers in the musical universe. Sipe (Apt Q258) has performed with numerous ensembles that have encompassed all musical genres. He seems to have a naturally organic control over his drum kit. His career blossomed when he founded the band Aquarium Rescue Unit with Col. Bruce Hampton and Jimmy Herring in the early nineties. The music was extremely dynamic fusion which made good use of the players' extraordinary skills.

Timeless is Jeff Sipe's first solo recording as the creator and producer. "What I wanted to convey with this work was a musical offering back to the Creator. It is about peace. It's about returning to the "mother love". I thought about the power of music and the truth and beauty in a melody and the timeless healing of a song in a prayer. Through earlier conversations the musicians knew what I had hoped to create on this session. With these intentions, the players (Paul Hanson, Kofi Burbridge, Jason Crosby, Count M'Butu, Derek Jones, Derek Trucks, Scott Messersmith and Mayookh Bhaumik) made the music come together magically. Their brilliant performances and ability to express this music made this recording a success. So this is our offering back through music, to put more melody in the world, to connect to the truth through timeless beauty. I hope you enjoy" - Jeff "Apt.Q-258" Sipe.

Dervish mp3
Blue Zardog II (the come back) mp3
Apparition mp3
Osiris mp3
Atlas Shrugged mp3
Breath of Afflatus mp3
Proteus Medlodious mp3
Offering mp3
Song for Emmi mp3
All Things Considered mp3
6deg mp3
Sonance mp3
Spirit Migrationmp3

Released November 2004