Big Something - Stories From the Middle of Nowhere CD


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2010 HGMN Studio Album on the Year and New Band of the Year!

The Anonymous Band from Burlington, NC has turned into... a BIG Something. A new name and new direction for this 6 piece rock ensemble was only natural after some significant lineup changes and the recording of their newest album with critically acclaimed producer John Custer. Lets just call this eleven song saga their BIG debut.

The sound is BIG and clearly the work of some talented musicians, but its hard to describe exactly what they're doing as a whole, hence the name: BIG Something. Between the shredding guitars, mesmerizing saxophones, tasteful keys, vocals and synthesizers, there's an infectious groove and energy that holds it all together over a journey through several different genres and influences. But what really makes this album special is the songs themselves. They are catchy and charming, layered and soulful, with colorful characters that embody the best and worst in us all. One listen will lead to many and you'll realize you've discovered that BIG Something.

Track List:
1. Pinky Goes to Jail listen
2. Big City Song listen
3. A Simple Vision listen
4. Amanda Lynn listen
5. Pinky's Woman listen
6. Saturday Night Zombie listen
7. Josh's Disco listen
8. Pinky's Ride listen
9. Graham County Courthouse listen
10. Sunday listen
11. In the Middle listen

Released June 2010