G. Love & Special Sauce - The Electric Mile CD

Ever since Elvis Presley hit it big mixing rhythm & blues with country, white artists - from the Rolling Stones to the Beastie Boys - have achieved success by integrating black music into the (white) mainstream. G. Love has taken that concept one step further by mixing traditionally black forms - hip-hop, reggae, the blues of the Mississippi Delta, and the soul music of his native Philly - with peripheral styles like the mutated blues-rock of Jimi Hendrix, country, New Orleans r&b, and even jazz. He comes up with a sound he can call his own. The fusion is even richer than before on Love's fifth album.

1. Unified mp3
2. Praise Up mp3
3. Night Of The Living Dead mp3
4. Parasite mp3
5. Hopeless Case mp3
6. Free At Last mp3
7. Shy Girl mp3
8. Rain Jam mp3
9. Electric Mile mp3
10. Sara's Song mp3
11. 100 Magic Rings mp3
12. Poison mp3
13. Free At Last (Reprise) mp3

Released April 2001