Gabby La La - Be Careful What You Wish For CD

This delightfully odd performer is Les Claypool's newest prodigy, and the zany bassist backs her on most of this album. Les lends bass and percussion to Gabby's sprightly songs, which combine mystic instruments like sitar with quirky additions like toy piano, accordion, theremin, and ukulele. All the while, Gabby sings of pirates, elves, fleas, and dreams in her reedy, western-influenced style.

1- Be Careful What You Wish For mp3
2- Backpack mp3
3- Golden Flea mp3
4- In Dreams mp3
5- Boogie Woogie Man In A Black Dress mp3
6- Walkie Walkie Walkie mp3
7- Butter And Eggs mp3
8- Twins mp3
9- In And Out Of Dreaming mp3
10- Pirates mp3
11- Little Fortune Cookie mp3
12- Elf mp3