Medeski Martin and Wood - Radiolarians 1

In February 2008, Medeski Martin & Wood began their Radiolarian Series, a three run, three record project. In direct contrast to they way things are usually done, MMW decided to spend 2008 composing the skeleton of new music, taking it on the road to flesh out the composition, and finally putting the (by now well played) notes down as tracks. Three times. Radiolarians 1 is the first in this 3 record series.

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1) First Light mp3 sample
2) Cloud Wars mp3 sample
3) Muchas Gracias mp3 sample
4) Professor Nohair mp3 sample
5) Reliquary mp3 sample
6) Free Go Lily mp3 sample
7) Rolling Son mp3 sample
target="blank">mp3 sample
8) Sweet Pea Dreams mp3 sample
9) God Fire
10) Hidden Moon

Radiolarians (also radiolaria) are amoeboid protozoa that produce intricate mineral skeletons, typically with a central capsule dividing the cell into inner and outer portions, called endoplasm and ectoplasm. These "Unicellular Planktonic Marine Organisms" grow their intricately beautiful patterned skeleton around their soft core in defiance of normal biological process, similarly to Medeski Martin and Wood's latest creative cycle. Some of the best examples of Radiolaria can be found in German Biologist Ernst Haeckel's book Art Forms From The Ocean: The Radiolarian Atlas Of 1862.

Released Sept. 30, 2008