The Fantastic Pickin' On Series Bluegrass Sampler Vol. 2

Bluegrass rocks! For over 10 years, the Pickin' On series has been synonymous with totally hot bluegrass instrumentals of rock and roll favorites. CMH keeps the quality high and the fans come back for more. On The Fantastic Pickin' On Series Sampler Volume 2, the greatest players in bluegrass set loose their banjos, mandolins, dobros and fiddles on all-time rock classics including "Back in Black," "Call Me the Breeze," "Seven Nation Army," and "Clocks." We've cherry-picked our catalogue's best songs to bring you more bluegrass instrumental gold, and this time we've thrown in some amazing vocal performances as an added bonus. Check out the stunning bluegrass harmonies on "Rock and Roll," "Already Gone," and "Walk This Way" - you'll believe us when we say Bluegrass Rocks!

1 Call Me the Breeze (originally performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd) mp3
2 Free Fallin' (originally performed by Tom Petty) mp3
3 Back in Black (originally preformed by AC/DC) mp3
4 Walk This Way (originally performed by Aerosmith) mp3
5 Hot Legs (originally performed by Rod Stewart) mp3
6 Already Gone (originally performed by The Eagles) mp3
7 Mr. Jones (originally performed by Counting Crows) mp3
8 Strange Brew (originally performed by Cream) mp3
9 Rock and Roll (originally performed by Led Zeppelin) mp3
10 Seven Nation Army (originally performed by The White Stripes) mp3
11 Boulevard of Broken Dreams (originally performed by Green Day) mp3
12 Clocks (origially performed by Coldplay) mp3

Released July 18, 2006