The Get Right Band - Live in Asheville CD


The first Live CD from The Get Right Band captured at the Asheville Music Hall!  Features many of the band's most popular songs and a few choice covers. Comes with complimentary sticker and button while supplies last.

  1. Heart or Bones listen
  2. Shut Yo' Mouth listen
  3. Touch the Holy listen
  4. Video Killed the Radio Star listen
  5. Nothin' on the FM listen
  6. Who's In Charge? listen
  7. Devil on My Shoulder listen
  8. Requiem for the Chemical Memory listen
  9. Dancin' Shoes listen
  10. Drums listen
  11. We Work All Day listen
  12. You Look Like Sunlight listen
  13. The Carpenter's Daugther listen

Release date 01.25.2018