The Heavy Pets - Whale (2 CDs)

The Heavy Pets' debut studio release Whale (2007) is a sprawling two-disc album logging in with twenty genre-bending songs. Whale is the perfect album to play on a long car ride or to enjoy on a journey. Filled with soaring solos and equally epic jams the studio album manages to sound like a live show chalk-full of spine-chilling improvisation. And, that's a pretty amazing feat for a band's debut studio release.

1. Iceberg Blues listen
2. So Thank You Music listen
3. Do It Right listen
4. Rise listen
5. Chevrolet listen
6. Sopresatta listen
7. Operation of Flight listen
8. Earthchaser listen
9. John Galt listen
10. Sleep listen

Disc 2
11. A Taste of Wind listen
12. Pleasure Tank listen
13. Mountain Song listen
14. Precious Mind listen
15. Song for John listen
16. A Doy And His Bog listen
17. Girl You Make Me Stupid listen
18. On The Waves listen
19. Cleetus listen
20. Dimitry's Fire listen

Released in 2007.