The Slip - Alivelectric CD

Your presence helped make it a joy to work on these new live albums. Some of our favorite moments are your yelps, hushes, and claps. Like experiments in chemistry - part you, part us, and a dose of the unknown - the resulting concoctions are full of risk, surprise, response, and fun. The process again revealed to us how special The Slip's audience truly is. This is a selection of live and electric recordings - all instrumental but one - taken from US tours in 2002 and 2003.

1- The Earth Wil Dis-sever and Consume You After These Messages
2- Introductions
3- Headshot
4- Mr. Meowskers
5- Happy Snails
6- Song
7- Interlude
8- If One Of Us Should Fall
9- Built For Zeal
10- Driving Backwards With You
11- Ashland