The Slip - Eisenhower CD

For the past few years, The Slip's heroic approach to rock has managed to reach countless new fans while still inspiring the faithful. Eisenhower stands as the most cohesive and evocative work the band has released to date - raw analog passion and accessible melodic songcraft combined. Showcasing lush productions and thickly-layered instrumentation, the album ranges easily from intimate, hushed vocals to thunderous, big-beat anthem sincerity. Produced by The Slip and Matthew Ellard (Elliot Smith, Morphine, Billy Bragg).

1. Children Of December mp3
2. Even Rats mp3
3. If One Of Us Should Fall mp3
4. Airplane/Primitive mp3
5. Suffocation Keep mp3
6. First Panda In Space mp3
7. The Soft Machine mp3
8. Life In Disguise mp3
9. Mothwing Bite mp3
10. The Original Blue Air mp3
11. Paper Birds mp3

Released Nov. 7, 2006