The Waybacks - Devolver CD

... as fine an example of hot picking as you're likely to find, covering bluegrass, old jazz, country, folk - you name it, they'll put their own spin on it. It's a remarkably assured debut ... one thing that immediately hits anyone listening to Devolver is the quality of the playing, and the way everyone seems to anticipate the next move ... - Chris Nickson, Folk Roots Magazine

" ... bluegrass, like life, is best served up tongue-in-cheek. The Waybacks, whose ... playing stacks up with anything you'll find in Austin, make their mark by stretching the so-called hillbilly music into places you wouldn't expect it to go." - Brad Kava, San Jose Mercury News

1. Lickkus Interruptus
2. Compadres In The Old Sierra Madre
3. Gone Wayback
4. Been Around
5. Scrapple From The Apple
6. The Last Steam Engine Train
7. I Wan'na Be Like You
8. McHattie's Waltz
9. The Witch Of The Westmereland
10. JNPT
11. Cluck Old Hen