Ultraviolet Hippopatamus - Translate CD


Michigan Road Warriors, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, have put out their fourth full length studio album entitled Translate. This is the bands highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed, award-winning album Square Pegs Round Holes, which won Home Grown Music Networks 2011 Album of the Year and WYCE’s Jammie for 2011 Best Jam Album.
Translate is the most ambitious undertaking to date from UV Hippo. Featuring 10 masterfully recorded songs that will take the listener on a journey through an eclectic array of music genres emanating from the bands progressive rock roots. The album is just what its title insinuates, a musical translation of stories and experiences.

Translate was recorded at Michigan’s longest continuously running recording studio, River City Studios in Grand Rapids, as well as Redwall North Studios in Grand Haven, MI, engineered by Roy Wallace and Bill Chrysler. For over thirty years, Chrysler has been mixing live stage sound for dozens of international recording artists such as Paul McCartney, John Mayer, Rush, Bob Seger, Weezer, Bon Jovi, Lionel Richie and many more.

“Ultraviolet Hippopotamus' latest release captures this chameleonic, ultra funky & tight sounds of a band out to prove a point. With soulful vocals and a driving rhythm section, the band explores rock n roll, funk & even some progressive elements of music in a melodic and unpredictable context in songs like "Reality" and "Hey Tommy". The ever-inventive instrumental sections feature a variety of keyboard sounds interlaced with alternately searing & groove-centric guitar work. UV Hippo doesn't try to play by the rules, and it makes their music stronger as a result.”-Joel Cummins - Umphrey's McGee

“Cool songs and killer performances”-Andy Falco - Infamous String Dusters.

“Translate is a prog-rock masterpiece, a brilliantly produced collection of funky, jazzy, ear-pleasing tracks that pay tribute to artists ranging from Bruce Hornsby to Frank Zappa.” – John Sinkevics - Music Review Magazine/Local Spin

Awards and Nominations -
Winner of 2013 Album of the Year by Local Spin Grand Rapids MI
2014 WYCE Jammies nominations for (to be handed out on 2/14/14)
Album of the Year
Best Rock/Alt Album
Best Song – Rueben
Best Production

Track List:
La Marea listen
Hey Tommy listen
Tiny Eyes listen
Rueben listen
Reality listen
Tugboat listen
Kpanlogo listen
Metaphorical Pipe listen
Sinking to the Side listen
Verlander listen

Release date 01.14.2014