Ultraviolet Hippopotamus - Square Pegs, Round Holes CD

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In an era which seems like everything has been done before, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus has carved themselves a niche sound of its own with genuinely heartfelt, imaginative lyrics coupled with compelling composition and explosive instrumentation. The music created by this five piece band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, is progressively diverse, often switching between many different genres during the course of a show. Sometimes even throughout the duration of a song. Their live shows have become an avenue for the band to build upon the core of their songs, exploring new ground, creating tension and taking risks for those moments of pure improvisational ecstasy, giving fans an original experience within every show.

UV Hippo's highly anticipated third album Square Pegs Round Holes, is not only a collection of songs strong enough to stand on their own, but when pieced together, form a cohesive process that brings back that long-lost love for listening to an entire album beginning to end. Songs like Giants and The Scar showcase the bands ability to compose sing-along singles, while songs such as Bob the Wondercat, The Marine, and Medicine highlight the bands skill in orchestrating layers of musical bliss.

"There are some wonderfully introspective and finely crafted songs that truly caught my ear and showed a wonderful depth of character and insightful song writing sense." Michael Travis - String Cheese Incident, EOTO

"The Jam Band keeps the groove moving with cool arrangements, surprising twists and great vocals. This is a jam band of joyous proggy fun" Fareed Haque - Professor of Jazz @ NIU, Math Games, Garaj Mahal

"... UV Hippo provides hope for the future of jam bands and the jam scene..." -Marquee Magazine

Track List:
1. Giants 05:33 listen
2. Bob the Wondercat 08:47 listen
3. Square Pegs Round Holes 06:45 listen
4. Run Rabbit Run 05:29 listen
5. T1J 04:57 listen
6. The Scar 06:27 listen
7. Avalon 03:05 listen
8. Medicine 11:58 listen
9. DNT 07:00 listen
10. The Marine 06:48 listen

Released in 2011