Ultraviolet Hippopotamus - Songs For the Reaper CD

From the sweeping scenery of Western Michigan hails a rare creature known as Ultraviolet Hippopotamus. This radiating river cow has been known to blend strong songs and tight licks with improvisation to help find an original sound where their progressive aspirations meet their audience's thirst for funk. Some say it's rock. Some say it's more like jazz. Still others report electronica, reggae and even bluegrass emanating from the massive orifice of this unpredictable menace. One thing is for sure with multiple live recordings, two full length albums "Background Music" and the acclaimed recent release "Songs for the Reaper" (called ..."a classic"... by Music Review and WYCE radio) this six headed beast has become a phenomenon in the Mid West music scene. With their thirst for exploration and desire to connect with the listener, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus leaves audiences shakin' their booties and wanting more.

Track List:
1. Welcome, Welcome2. Head in the Trees3. Dust's Trumpet4. Cheshire Cat5. Songs for the Reaper6. EMD7. Two Pigs8. North Coast9. Words10. Cocaine Blues