Xavier Rudd - Dark Shades of Blue CD

This record is a balance of darkness and light, thanks in no small part to the studio presence of Joe Barresi, the man behind the sonics of Tool and Queens Of The Stone Age. For years, audiences have swooned and swayed to the dark throb of Rudd's live shows, the pulsing low-end of the Australian didgeridoo, and the biting drone of his slide guitar - now "Dark Shades Of Blue" captures that visceral presence with Rudd's guitar and vocals at their most heavy and psychedelic.

1. Black Water mp3 sample
2. Dark Shades of Blue mp3 sample
3. Secrets mp3 sample
4. Guku mp3 sample
5. Edge of the Moon mp3 sample
6. This World As We Know It mp3 sample
7. Shiver mp3 sample
8. Uncle mp3 sample
9. Up In Flames
10. Hope You'll Stay
11. Home

Released 8/19/08